Land Development

While gaining the necessary environmental approvals is integral to land development in Western Australia, Terratree understands that most developers want to conserve and enhance the natural values of their land as far as possible. In many cases projects will achieve a ‘no net loss’ of environmental values with some developments achieving an overall ‘net benefit’ through ecological restoration and biodiversity offsets.

Our land development services

Terratree offers a comprehensive range of services to land development clients including:


Our experience

Terratree consultants have significant experience in liaising with the former Department of Environment and Conservation (now the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) and the Department of Environment Regulation (DER)) and the former federal Department of Sustainability Environment, Water, Population and Communities (now the Commonwealth Department of the Environment (DotE) environmental issues associated with land development projects.

Our recent land development experience

  • Shire of Esperance Wiley Bay Landfill Facility Revegetation Plan -2014
  • Foreshore Management Plan –prepared for All Earth Group – 2013