Environmental Management Planning

Terratree offers comprehensive services in environmental management planning. The plans are prepared using a risk-based approach to management so that each environmental factor, whether it is vegetation, fauna, dust, surface water etc., can be managed according to the level of risk present. Terratree consultants have prepared the following types management plans for clients in the resources, land development, infrastructure and natural resources sectors:

  • Exploration Environmental Management Plans
  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Flora and Vegetation Protection Plans
  • Fauna Management Plans
  • Wetland Foreshore Environmental Management Plans
  • Phytophthora Dieback Management Plans
  • Revegetation Management Plans
  • Dust Management Plans
  • Surface Water Management Plans


Terratree’s Environmental Management Planning Projects

  • Minjar Gold Mt Mulgine Project Generation RC Programme Stage 1 – Warriedar Station Conservation Management Plan Bridging Document (approved by DPaW and DMP) – August 2013
  • Iluka Resources Ltd IPL North Mineral Sands Project Phytophthora Dieback Access and Hygiene Management Plan – June 2013
  • Iluka Resources Ltd Eneabba Mine Site Flora and Vegetation Protection Plan – 2009
  • Iluka Resources Ltd Eneabba Mine Site Mulch Harvesting Management Plan – 2009

Featured Project: Minjar Gold Pty Ltd Conservation Management Plan

Terratree prepared a Strategic Conservation Management Plan (CMP) to address the environmental risks and management issues associated with Minjar’s mineral exploration activities proposed to occur in DPaW managed lands in the south Murchison region. The Strategic CMP was developed in accordance with the Guidelines for Conservation Management Plans Relating to Mineral Exploration on Department of Environment and Conservation Managed Lands (DEC 2011). The document was endorsed by DPaW and was determined to be ‘comprehensive’ and ‘adequate’ to allow the assessment of potential impacts to conservation values’. By developing a regional strategic approach to conservation management planning, Terratree has ensured that approvals for each progressive phase as Minjar’s exploration programme are expedited.

The Strategic Conservation Management Plan was developed based on the targeted flora and fauna surveys (see below) that Terratree also conducted. Our capacity to complete both field surveys and develop management plans enables us to seamlessly integrate the approvals process, ensuring that the works are well planned, provide sufficient supporting information, are appropriate for fulfilling regulatory requirements and meet current policies.