TerrateamFlora and Vegetation Surveys

Our approach

Terratree consultants have been involved in the design and implementation of ecological assessments throughout Western Australia, interstate and overseas. By understanding the biodiversity values present in an area and regulatory requirements for assessing potential impacts to these values, Terratree can provide guidance about the most appropriate surveys to facilitate impact assessment and management planning. We provide clear advice about survey timing, regulatory expectations, approval time frames and cost.

Our Flora and Vegetation Services

Terratree’s  flora and vegetation services include:

  •  Level 1 & 2  Flora and Vegetation Surveys in accordance with EPA Guidance Statement No. 51Terrestrial flora and vegetation surveys for environmental impact assessment in Western Australia (2004)
  • Targeted Threatened and Priority Flora Surveys
  • Weed Mapping
  • Vegetation Monitoring

Our Experience

Featured Project

Minjar Gold – Flora, Vegetation and Targeted Survey

Minjar commissioned Terratree to undertake Level 1 and Level 2 Flora and Vegetation surveys, Targeted Threatened and Priority Flora Searches and Stylidium scintillans habitat assessment surveys within 26 target areas and eight potential road alignments (totalling over 1,650 ha) in the Murchison Region of Western Australia. The field surveys were conducted in September 2013, following a relatively dry winter. The survey areas were traversed on foot by botanists spaced 25 to 40m apart, depending on vegetation density. Locations of Priority Flora and potential S. scintillans habitat were recorded using handheld GPS units. Terratree conducted surveys for Mallefowl (Leipoa ocellata) concurrently to maximise survey efficiency.

It is difficult to conclusively establish presence or absence of S. scintillans because it is only visible in spring and requires sufficient winter rainfall. In response to this constraint, Terratree developed a habitat-based assessment framework that was endorsed by the DPaW. By avoiding impacts to potential S. Scintillans habitat, direct impacts to the species would be avoided while enabling Minjar to acquire approval to proceed with the exploration program. Terratree uses area-specific data and their on-the-ground knowledge to develop appropriate, effective and practical environmental management measures and determine environmental impacts as needed in approvals processes.

Additional Recent Projects

  • Minjar Gold level 1& 2 (EPA 2004) Flora and Vegetation Survey and Targeted Search for Threatened (Declared Rare) and Priority flora – September 2013 (1,560 ha)
  • Minjar Gold Targeted Search for Malleefowl Mounds – September 2013 (1,560 ha)
  • Minjar Gold Habitat Mapping and Targeted Survey for Threatened and Priority Flora and Malleefowl Mounds – June 2013 (800 ha)
  • Minjar Gold Targeted Survey for Threatened and Priority Flora and Malleefowl Mounds in Goatsville and Paradise City Prospects – March 2013
  • Ponton Minerals Pty Ltd Proposed Nature Reserve 91 Flora and Vegetation Desktop Study – February 2013