Minjar nice skyRegulatory Liaison & Strategic Advice

Having over 15 years of combined experience working for the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW, formerly DEC) and other regulatory agencies, Terratree consultants have an excellent understanding regulatory processes and agency procedures. We believe that the key to successful regulatory outcomes is early, regular and positive communication with regulatory authorities.

Our experience

Terratree consultants have significant experience in liaising with regulatory authorities on projects being assessed under Part of IV the Environmental Protection Act 1986, subsidiary environmental approvals such as Native Vegetation Clearing Permits and Works Approvals, and negotiations with specific sections of the DPaW including the Wetlands Section and the Land Use Planning Branch. Terratree regularly engages with the Commonwealth Department of the Environment (DotE) on issues relating to matters of National Environmental Significance and biodiversity offsets. We also provide strategic advice in relation to the issue of cumulative impact assessment for clients who have several projects planned in the same area over a period of time. Please see our Environmental Approvals page for further information.

Featured Project

Minjar Gold – Targeted Survey for the Threatened (Declared Rare) species Stylidium scintillans

Terratree was commissioned by Minjar Gold to perform targeted surveys for the Threatened (Declared Rare) and Priority  flora species over 2,500 hectares in Minjar’s tenements.  The Threatened (Declared rare) species Stylidium scintillans is known only from the Yalgoo IBRA region and has been recorded in the vicinity of the survey areas. This species is ephemeral and has a very narrow time window in which it can be observed. In dry years, it is not observable. Thus, targeted searches are often inconclusive. However, it is restricted to specific habitats and relatively consistent set of co-occurring species.

Terratree developed and gained approval from DPaW for the S. scintillans habitat assessment method, which enabled Minjar to proceed with their exploration program without waiting for optimal conditions for surveying this cryptic and unreliable species. DPaW subsequently approved Terratree’s application of the survey method in the field.