Revegetation Planning and Monitoring

Terratree offers a range of services in the area of revegetation planning and monitoring. Our objective in revegetation is to create stable and self-sustaining vegetation that provides ecosystem function. We provide auditing services for exploration programs ensuring drill holes are appropriately plugged, rubbish has been removed, and that pads, sumps and costeans are rehabilitated, as required. Terratree also undertakes wetland restoration projects which typically involve rubbish removal, weed control and revegetation of the riparian zone with appropriate native species. Revegetation monitoring is undertaken systematically, using repeatable quantitative assessment methods so that revegetation success can be accurately measured against completion criteria.

Terratree offers the following services in the area of Revegetation and Monitoring:

  • Land Rehabilitation Planning
  • Exploration/Drill Hole Auditing
  • Wetland Restoration Planning
  • Revegetation Planning
  • Revegetation Monitoring
  • Novel Ecosystem Design

Featured Projects

Foreshore Management Plan prepared for All Earth Group – 2013

All Earth Group Pty Ltd commissioned Terratree to prepare a Foreshore Management Plan for an area of Crown Reserve adjacent to their waste processing and transfer station located in Maddington, Western Australia.The Foreshore Management Plan has been formally approved by the City of Gosnells. Terratree will implement the plan and commence the two year monitoring program in 2014 and subsequently report on the success of the revegetation, weed and erosion control programs.

Shire of Esperance Wiley Bay Landfill Facility Revegetation Plan – 2014

Terratree was commissioned by the Shire of Esperance through Talis Consultants to prepare a revegetation plan for part of the Wiley Bay Landfill Facility which is approaching the end of its operational period. Closing the site requires rehabilitation, including a re-profiling the landform and installing capping and drainage systems over the landfill cell to exclude surface water from entering the waste mass and generating leachate. The landform will then be revegetated with appropriate vegetation. Landfill capping will be staged, which has presented specific challenges in terms of management of weed reinfestation and wind erosion in the areas revegetated during the early stages. In addition to recommending and sourcing appropriate local provenance plants, Terratree has recommended translocating some dune species from areas to be cleared for capping materials. Best-practice techniques have been prescribed for minimising wind erosion, weed control and reducing seedling mortality.