Billabong surrounded by white barked eucalyptsWetland Assessment and Management

Terratree’s Wetland Assessment and Management services

Terratree offers the following services in Wetland Assessment and Management:

  • Wetland Mapping
  • Wetland Classification Reviews
  • Wetland Flora and Vegetation surveys
  • Macro-Invertebrate Surveys
  • Wetland Condition Assessment Monitoring
  • Wetland Monitoring
  • Wetland Restoration and Management Planning
  • Regulatory liaison

Recent Experience

Terratree consultants recently undertook a wetland boundary assessment of a wetland in the Perth Metro area for a Local Government Authority. The wetland is listed as a Resource Enhancement Wetlands (REW) on the Geomorphic Wetlands Swan Coastal Plain dataset, therefore any impacts to the wetland and its buffer zone have to be approved by the Wetlands Section of the DPaW. The assessment of the wetland boundary found that it was inaccurately mapped in the dataset. Therefore a boundary realignment was proposed. Realignment facilitated the development of playing field areas that were within the REW boundary and also resulted in an overall increase in the area of wetland vegetation protected in the realigned boundary. Terratree consultants applied the Protocol for proposing modifications to wetlands in the Geomorphic Wetlands Swan Coastal Plain dataset and liaised with the Wetlands Section of the DPaW to achieve a positive outcome for both the client and net environmental benefit.