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Terratree Pty Ltd is an environmental consultancy based in Midland, Western Australia

Since 2012 we’ve specialised in ecological assessment, management and revegetation planning for the resources sector, land developers, utilities, state and local government agencies throughout Western Australia.

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Ecological Assessments in Western Australia

Ecological Assessments

Our team of experienced botanists and ecologists perform site-specific ecological assessments, including flora and vegetation surveys, rehabilitation monitoring, Phytophthora Dieback and wetland assessments.

We evaluate potential risks and impacts of resource, infrastructure and land development projects to assist our clients to avoid environmental impacts in the first instance and minimise and mitigate environmental impacts that are unavoidable.

Environmental Management Planning Midland

Environmental Management

Leveraging our extensive experience in government roles and expertise in environmental management planning for projects over the past ten years, Terratree offers tailored solutions to enable clients to smoothly navigate the environmental approval process.

We ensure timely project delivery and full compliance with environmental regulations. Our services include the preparation of environmental management plans, revegetation planning and monitoring, as well as Phytophthora Dieback mapping and management.

Environmental Green Card Training Perth

Green Card Training

Green Card biosecurity training is a standard regulatory requirement for personnel working in areas where there is a risk of introducing or spreading pathogens, weeds or disease that affect livestock.

Terratree’s Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions Registered Dieback Interpreters can provide accredited Green Card training for staff and contractors to prevent the spread of Phytophthora Dieback as well as other biosecurity risks.

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Terratree’s environmental consultants have substantial experience in servicing these sectors and possess a comprehensive understanding of the environmental regulatory framework and requirements relating to environmental impact assessment and management in Western Australia.

This understanding has been gained through extensive experience working in industry, environmental consulting, and government environmental regulatory agencies.

Terratree Environmental Consultancy Midland

Terratree provides clear advice about survey timing, regulatory expectations, approval time frames, and cost. This helps to avoid unnecessary delays and minimise the cost of environmental assessments and approvals for our clients.

The team at Terratree takes a pragmatic, outcome-based approach to ecological assessment. Field surveys are designed to collect the correct data as safely and efficiently as possible.

We take pride in the quality and integrity of our reports which incorporate the latest in ecological research and environmental impact assessment techniques. We have substantial relevant experience in liaising with regulatory agencies and developing strong relationships with stakeholders.

Terratree Pty Ltd Environmental Management Projects
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Terratree offers clients a comprehensive suite of ecological and environmental management planning services.

We have undertaken a range of projects in different bioregions throughout Western Australia including desktop assessments of environmental constraints, flora and vegetation surveys, Dieback surveys and management plans, rehabilitation and weed monitoring, revegetation plans, and wetland assessments.

Our teams of botanists and DBCA Registered Dieback Interpreters can undertake weed mapping and flora surveys concurrently if required, saving our clients time and money.

Our Projects page includes examples of completed projects, many of which are for repeat clients who value the level of service provided and the quality of the reports delivered.

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Field Notes

Terratree’s Field Notes page is a collection of observations and records of the amazing landscapes and biodiversity encountered while undertaking ecological assessments throughout Western Australia.

The page also includes photos and videos to highlight and generate discussion about issues which threaten our unique biodiversity.

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