Green Card

Green Card Biosecurity Training in Western Australia

Terratree’s Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions Registered Dieback Interpreters can provide accredited Green Card training for staff and contractors to assist in implementing management procedures and protocols to prevent the spread of Phytophthora Dieback (Dieback) and other biosecurity risks.

Green Card biosecurity training is a standard regulatory requirement for personnel within the Dieback vulnerable zone so the pathogen is not introduced or spread into protectable areas.

Green Card Training

Terratree’s Green Card Training for Dieback Hygiene is recognised by the Western Australian government authorities as meeting the necessary standards to manage the risks of spreading Dieback.

This training is now a requirement for industry employees who are involved in working within the Dieback vulnerable zone.

Terratree’s Green Card Training program caters to a diverse range of groups including mining companies, environmental consultancies, utilities, forestry construction, and transport companies, local and state government agencies, landcare and community conservation groups, education and research organisations (University, TAFE).

Course Description

Terratree’s Green Card Training equips trainees with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage the risk of spreading Dieback as well as other plant pathogens and weeds.

The training covers essential topics such as the nature of the disease, its spread and management, relevant guiding documents, and the necessary skills to clean and inspect a vehicle for soil, animal, and plant material, and to follow Dieback hygiene signage.

The training comprises a theory session, followed by a practical session where trainees learn how to inspect and clean equipment, vehicles and machinery. Successful completion of the training requires passing an assessment, upon which participants are issued with a Green which is valid for three years.

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