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Progressive environmental consultancy based in Perth

Terratree Pty Ltd is a progressive environmental consultancy based in Midland, Western Australia, specialising in ecological assessments, environmental management, and Green Card Training.

The company was established in 2012 and services the resources sector, land developers, utilities, and state and local governments. With both Botany and Dieback teams, Terratree is the only consultancy in WA that can undertake large-scale Dieback and Botanical surveys concurrently.

Terratree provides clear advice about survey timing, regulatory expectations, approval time frames, and cost. This helps to avoid unnecessary delays and minimise the cost of environmental assessments and approvals for our clients.

The team at Terratree takes a pragmatic, outcome-based approach to ecological assessment. Field surveys are designed to collect the correct data as safely and efficiently as possible.

We take pride in the quality and integrity of our reports which incorporate the latest in ecological research and environmental impact assessment techniques. We have substantial relevant experience in liaising with regulatory agencies and developing strong relationships with stakeholders.

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Leading Personnel

Joe Grehan

BSc. (Env. Science); Post-Graduate Diploma (Env. Management); Cert IV Training and Assessment –  Director and Principal Ecologist

Joe established Terratree in 2012 to offer comprehensive ecological assessment and management services to clients throughout Australia. He is an environmental consultant with over 20 years experience in environmental impact assessment, management and rehabilitation planning and botanical surveys.

He is a Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) Registered Dieback Interpreter who has worked as an ecologist, environmental consultant, Dieback Interpreter, and government regulator with the former WA Departments of Conservation and Land Management and the Department of Environment and Conservation.

Joe has undertaken botanical surveys and reporting including EPA Targeted and Detailed vegetation mapping and targeted searches for conservation significant flora throughout Western Australia. He is competent in all areas of project management, including liaising with regulatory authorities and technical reporting.

Joshua Page

BSc. (Bio. Science) M.Sc. Environmental Management
Registered Dieback Interpreter

Joshua brings a diverse range of experience in environmental management and assessment as an ecologist and Dieback Interpreter.

He has experience in conducting environmental audits, rehabilitation planting programs, vegetation health surveys, and Phytophthora Dieback assessments and management plans within a range of bioregions in WA, incorporating including the Swan Coastal Plain, Northern and Southern Jarrah Forest, South West forests, Great Western Woodlands.

Other relevant experience includes preparing inventories of native forests and plantations, Disturbance Approval System Auditing, development of environmental management plans, hygiene and weed management plans and maps.

Norman Lai

MBiolSc(Dist) (Ecology); BSc. (Environmental Science and Marine Science)
Ecologist and Dieback Interpreter

Norman has a broad range of experience in environmental management and assessment as an ecologist and researcher.

He has experience in the conduct of Detailed, Targeted flora and vegetation surveys, and Phytophthora Dieback assessment within a variety of bioregions in WA, including the Swan Coastal Plain, Northern and Southern Jarrah Forest, Great Western Woodlands, and the Goldfields.

Other relevant experience includes undertaking environmental rehabilitation services and planning, weed identification and weed surveys, stable isotopes analysis, and modelling of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Norman has developed many environmental management plans including Dieback Hygiene, Foreshore, and Weed Management plans.

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Safety is one of Terratree’s core values and we are committed to:

  • Protecting the safety and health of our employees and meeting our obligations with respect to the protection of others affected by our activities;
  • Protecting and preserving the natural environment in which we operate.

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