Environmental Management

Environmental Management Planning throughout Western Australia

Terratree offers services in environmental management planning. Our plans are prepared using a risk-based approach to management so that each environmental factor, whether it is conservation significant flora, vegetation, Dieback etc., can be managed according to the level of risk present.

Environmental Management Plans

Terratree’s environmental consultants have prepared the following types of management plans for clients in the resources, land development, infrastructure and natural resources sectors:


  • Exploration Environmental Management Plans
  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Flora and Vegetation Protection Plans
  • Wetland Foreshore Environmental Management Plans
  • Phytophthora Dieback Management Plans
  • Rehabilitation Management Plans

Protected population of the ephemeral Threatened species Stylidium scintillans

Terratree are professional and knowledgeable, and it is great to be able to work with a consulting company where you are confident that the work is being done to a high standard.

Gemma Blick

Environmental Manager, Focus Minerals Limited

Revegetation Planning and Monitoring

With extensive experience in revegetating disturbed areas through native plant reintroduction and habitat restoration, Terratree understands the importance of revegetation planning and monitoring to mitigate environmental impacts.

Effective revegetation not only reinstates ecological function of impacted areas but also supports the long-term sustainable use of natural resources.

Revegetation planning is the process of designing a plan to rehabilitate vegetation in an area that has been disturbed or degraded, such as a mining site or a construction area.

Our planning process involves site analysis and identification of native species, soil types, rainfall, and other resources available to achieve completion criteria. Our objective in revegetation planning is to create stable and self-sustaining vegetation that supports the recovery of the local flora and fauna to provide ecosystem function.

Revegetation monitoring is undertaken systematically, using repeatable quantitative assessment methods so that revegetation success can be accurately measured against completion criteria.

Terratree offers the following services in the area of revegetation planning and monitoring:

  • Land Rehabilitation Planning
  • Exploration/Drill Hole Auditing
  • Wetland Restoration Planning
  • Revegetation Planning and Monitoring
  • Landscape Function Analysis
  • Novel Ecosystem Design

Terratree also undertakes wetland restoration projects which typically involve rubbish removal, weed control and revegetation of the riparian and upland zones with appropriate native species.

Phytophthora Dieback Mapping and Management


Terratree specialises in Dieback mapping and management and Principal Ecologist Joseph Grehan is a Department of Biodiversity Conservations and Attractions (DBCA) registered Dieback interpreter.

Terratree has three DBCA registered Dieback Interpreters on staff and we also work collaboratively with a group of Dieback Interpreters to undertake large scale disease mapping projects. The skills in mapping and managing Dieback can also be applied to weed and hygiene management.

Terratree offers the following services in the area of Phytophthora Dieback mapping and management:

  • Dieback Interpretation and Mapping
  • Dieback Risk Assessments
  • Dieback Management Planning
  • Dieback Workshops and Education

When engaged for a dieback baseline assessment for a proposed mineral sands mine in the southwest of WA, the team at Terratree put together a robust Comprehensive assessment program for the defined Development Envelope to guide our biodiversity management during construction and operational activities. Furthermore, a fit-for-purpose Broadscale assessment for a wide area surrounding the Development Envelope was also undertaken simultaneously to ensure dieback was neither spread nor introduced from further afield. Areas of remnant vegetation determined as infested were called out as such, while uninfested areas were carefully demarcated by Terratree for conservation and protection. Following field studies, a comprehensive and detailed report was compiled, with a detailed dieback management plan proposed to prevent dieback spread and maintain biodiversity within the Development Envelope. Good work team!

Mineral Sands Operator

South West WA

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